You are what you eat


“You are what you eat” is a famous quote that you have probably seen and heard so many times in your life. But have you ever given much thought about it? Do you consider about this when you make your food choices? Anyway, you must actually think about it when making your food choices because literally you are what you eat. Simply, this means that the types of food items that you consume regularly can define who you are physically and mentally. On the other hand, you are what you don’t eat too. For instance, if you make the choice of being a vegan, you will find yourself become less fat and less prone to many chronic diseases. If you have a family history for a certain illness, you must be very considerate about it as your meal is able to either reduce or increase the risk of you having that disease. Many researchers have proved that vegans are healthier and also they even live longer than the omnivores. That been said, you should be able to understand that your meal plan must be altered if you are a person who has to depend on lot of medications. Because the things you put into your stomach have a great effect on deciding who you are going to be. If you are a regular meat consumer, you should be ready to face the outcomes of it as they have a high fat content and as a result it invites a lot of diseases. That is why you must think about what you want to be and eat accordingly. If you wish to have a long hale and hearty life, the best and the easiest way to achieve that is turning into veganism.

            We must think about nourishing ourselves not only physically, but also spiritually. You must consider and treat your body as your temple and always be aware that everything that enters your temple has a direct result in who we become. That is why, if we choose to nourish our bodies with healthier, nutrient dense foods from our earth, we also start nourishing our soul, our spirit and our being. It has been said that the quality of your food and its physical properties have the ability to transform our emotions and mind while actually changing our appearance and personality too. By being a vegan, you get connected with nature and learn to live in harmony with it. By committing ourselves to veganism, or else to the natural order of things, you get the capability of nourishing and cleansing your soul and your inner well being. This is how food can take you to perfection physically, mentally and spiritually.

            When we talk about detoxification and cleansing your body from harmful toxins, veganism is often considered as a fringe element of it. People don’t necessarily fill their bodies with harmful toxins on purpose and it is often a byproduct of a carnivorous diet. Because animal foods contain a higher fat content and such processed food are even harder to metabolize. In addition, the elimination process also gets interrupted. This is a serious issue as this can allow harmful bacteria and toxins to be collected in your body which can cause digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome and colitis. On the contrary, a vegan diet has the ability to get more dietary fiber into our systems which will make the digestive system to work better. If you consume high fat meat and processed food regularly, then much of your body’s energy is wasted on digesting these food items. So it is obvious that if you are considerate enough to eliminate such food from your daily meals, your body along with your organs, your blood and your mind will get gradually clearer. You will also be able to understand about the amount of toxins that you have taken along with your food before. Toxicity has become a highly discussed topic and a bigger concern in the world now as there are new and stronger chemicals in the world today and the environment around us and the water bodies have become really polluted due to human activities. Therefore, we must be considerate about the food items that we consume daily as when the amount of toxins that are accumulated in your body get increased, you become highly prone to chronic diseases. That is why many people get adapted to veganism day by day and people have identified the importance of consuming organic plant foods.


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