Vegans and their diets


Vegans and their diets A vegan diet contains zero animal products. They desist from consuming animals or anything which is produced by an animal such as dairy or honey and their diet contains lots of wonderful stuff such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, beans, tofu, potatoes, pasta, bread, vegan alcohol, dark chocolate, etc. as long as it does not contain any animal product from milk solids to gelatin.

There are many types of vegan diets. For vegans following a healthy lifestyle they may elude having some items where a vegan junk foodie would love to eat. This article is about discussing about those various types of vegan diets.

Mainly, vegan diets can be categorized to the following

  • Raw food Vegans
  • Raw till 4 Vegans
  • Whole – Food Vegans
  • Junk – Food Vegans
  • Fruitarian Vegans
  • Gluten-free Vegans
  • Paleo Vegans (Pagans)
  • Freegans

Apart from these, in Jainism they follow a strictly vegan diet but with more restrictions which is discussed further in the article “Religions and vegans”

Raw food vegans and Raw till 4 vegans

Raw food vegans are a subgroup of vegans who omits consumption of food with ties to animal exploitation and cruelty and they combine the raw foodism idea to it which states that food should be eaten completely raw or heated at temperatures below 104 – 118 °F (40 – 48 °C)

Whole food Vegans

They can be identified as individuals who follow a diet depends mostly on whole foods such as veggies, grains, nuts, fruits and legume while avoiding processed and refined foods.

Junk – food Vegans

They are the group of people who rely greatly on processed vegan foods like fries, frozen dinners and desserts, vegan meats, vegan fast food etc.

Fruitarian Vegans

Fruitarians mainly base their meals on fruits. The mostly avoid food with higher levels of fat like avocados, coconuts, nuts, vegan breads and pastry items while depending mainly on fruits. They consume other plants in minor amounts.

Gluten – free Vegans

Gluten is the common term used for the proteins found in wheat (spelt, durum, einkorn and wheat), barley and rye. People tend to eat gluten free due to two reasons. Some individuals with an autoimmune disease called ‘Celiac disease’ shows an allergic reaction to gluten which will sometimes become fatal. Others choose to abstain from gluten for health reasons.

Paleo Vegans (pagans)

The paleo vegans are individuals who follow a vegan variation of the paleo diet from the Paleolithic era which is also known as the Old Stone Age diet or caveman diet. They eat pure and unprocessed foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts. Firm pagans do not consume grains or legumes as they were not consumed in the Old Stone Age.


Freegans are a group of people who reacts against waste made in capitalist society. They survive on food that is left and thrown away by restaurants (vegan), supermarkets and by other people. Aside from dumpster diving, these people get their vegan food from various other sources which are not always legitimate.

What foods does vegans eat and avoid

Vegans simply avoid all the foods comes with an animal origin such as Meat, fish, shellfish, chicken, eggs, diary, honey and furthermore they avoid any animal – originated ingredients like gelatin, pepsin, albumin, carmine, casein, isinglass, shellac and whey. These ingredients are in marshmallows, gummy candies, chewing gum, breakfast cereals and some types of beers and wines.

By giving up the above, vegans are not just left with vegetables. Many of the common dishes can easily be made vegan or can be substituted easily. With the increasing requirement for vegan and plant based food items, more variety is added to the vegan food family everyday such as Vegan Burgers, burritos, pizzas, sandwiches, wraps and pasta dishes. Meat based items are normally swapped with beans, lentils, tofu, seitan, nuts, seeds, tempeh.

Dairy is replaced with plant milks such as soy milk, almond milk, cashew milk and oats milk and honey is with maple syrup. Also there are a large variety of ready-made vegan products like vegan cheese, plant milk etc.


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