Step by step plan for going vegan


A step-by-step plan for going vegan When some choose to go vegan cold turkey, it is a slow process for some people as they are too much bound to the meats and animal-based products so that the transition would be nearly impossible for them. Here is a step by step transition plan which can be used either as a plan to give up animal products or as a guide to creating your own plan of the transfer.

Step 1

Find out the status of your mind and your reason for going vegan – There are mainly 3 reason for people going vegan. It’s either for animals, for the environment, for health benefits or for all the three reasons combined. Try to find out what is the reason for your effort on going vegan. When you find out the true reason within, it can be used as a motive to keep you going on your vegan lifestyle.

Step 2

Do your research – There are significant numbers of research material on veganism such as YouTube videos, blogs and articles on veganism, social media groups, documentaries etc. Follow their content and get a clear picture on veganism and get your reasons justified as it will be beneficial later when you are being questioned from your closest on the decision of transition (Trust me this is going to happen). Here at Veganism worldwide, we have provided our users with a forum for discussing veganism. Do join it and post your questions and suggestions as our vegan community there are more than delighted to help you on your quarries and transition.

Step 3

Decide on your transition plan – settle on how is it going to be, can you go cold turkey? Or it will take a month or two?  Or is it going to be a year of baby steps? Or would you like to become a vegetarian first!

Step 4

Try out some vegan food – It is a lot to digest when you are are making an important lifestyle change. Trying out what is to come in a platter for you will help on your transition as it will give you a glimpse of the food you can have as a vegan and it will take out any doubts and misinterpretations you might’ve heard on being vegan. There are two ways of doing this. You can look for local vegan restaurants and try out their food at first. Taking it further, try and make vegan foods yourself as there are a plenty of recipes available. Cooking on your own will make you understand that even if you think you are going to miss out a lot, it is only a fraction of that is in the list of giving up since there are a plenty of substitutes for them in the market now.

Step 5

Clear your home of animal products – Since you have been using animal products earlier, you will have a stock of such products in your home. Giving up is going to be somewhat difficult when they are available around you therefore I would suggest clearing out what you have. You can either consume what you have or you can hand those out to your family, friends or to the needed and with this you will create room for the new stock up of vegan foods.

Step 6

Shop for vegan products – As you did your research earlier on veganism. You will come across with a whole lot of vegan friendly products available with your local department store/ supermarket or small time vendors. Keeping them in mind, make a list of household ingredients that you are going to need around to making those delicious vegan recipes and also for continuing your new lifestyle.

Step 7

Appraise – While continuing your new vegan lifestyle, maybe once a week or once every two weeks, spend some time thinking about how it is working out for you and asses the pros and cons of it. With this method you will be able to discover what is best for you to continue on the path of cruelty free, healthy life while leaving out the things which does not suite you.


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