How to become a vegan


How to become a vegan If we take a look at evolution to understand our eating patterns, we can observe that humans have been evolved from vegan creatures. Humans did not always eat meat. Even our digestive systems are designed in a way to metabolize plant products easily. It is considered that humans were vegans until they discovered fire. Therefore, it is safe to say that, humans started to eat meat in accordance with the opportunity and necessity. So obviously being vegan is the more natural and healthier way of eating. People transit to veganism for many reasons and get used to eating the products of the earth which is the natural order of things. If you are also planning to be a vegan, you can start it step by step.

            If you wish to transit to a vegan diet, you can start by making small changes to your dietary habits rather than going to a drastic change. If your diet consists of red meat consistently, you can substitute those foods first. Red meat is considered to be very unhealthy as it is highly processed and contains high fat and sodium content. Fortunately, there are vegetable based substitutes for red meat in markets now. You will be a little bit pretentious at first, but with time you will get used to it and you will feel great with time. While you reduce the amount of red meat you consume, it is very important to increase the amount of vegetables and fruits you take. In addition it is better if you can eat your vegetables and fruits raw as they are high in nutritional value if you can take them in its natural form. By reversing these proportions, you won’t feel much difficult to eliminate red meat from your diet.

            Red meat is considered to be the biggest offender in disease enhancing food. So if you could eliminate red meat from the diet as your first step, you can take another step and eliminate poultry from your diet. Although poultry is not as harmful as red meat to your health, it is still animals that are bred in farms under very inhumane conditions for human consumption. Farm chickens are fed with growth hormones and chemicals in order to slaughter them faster. These chemicals can be really harmful and toxic for human bodies. As a result, regular consumption of chicken can be very hazardous to your health. When eliminating poultry, it is better to avoid eggs too as they contain high levels of cholesterol which is again harmful for your health. When you start avoiding poultry, you can use seafood instead as a substitute. If you got successful in eliminating poultry, that will be a huge step towards a healthy diet and a healthy planet.

            When we actually think about it, we can see that it is rather easy to eliminate red meat and poultry from your diet because it reduces the risk of dangerous diseases like cancer, cholesterol, high blood pressure etc. On the other hand, if we get to see the cruel ways that these poor farm animals are bred, we won’t even consider eating animal flesh again. But you will find it much harder to let go of fish and seafood and also it might take longer to take it out from your diet completely. But it is very important to keep in your mind that it is worthy to keep the effort going in. Ocean is considered to be the biggest trash bin in the planet. All of our waste and trash get hauled into the ocean and this trash bin is where the seafood comes from. Do you like to take your food out of a trash bin? In addition, almost all seafood contains traces of mercury because of the pollution and with the dumping of toxic waste in to the sea, scientists have found traces of toxic chemicals too. This can affect growth and nervous system in a really bad way. It has been proven that seafood that contains high levels of mercury is really harmful to women who are planning to become pregnant, pregnant women, nursing mothers and young children. Even though there are many nutritional values in seafood, the amount of pollution that humans have caused to the environment and the ocean has make seafood toxic to our body. Also the fisheries industry carries out a whole bunch of inhumane methods within and eliminating red meat and poultry is an excellent step in your journey to become a vegan and if you can also stop eating seafood too, that can be your final step in completing your vegan diet.

            Many vegans still tend to consume dairy products thinking its cruelty free and safe to your health. But the truth is dairy products also pose health risks and it also can dramatically increase the risk of getting chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart diseases etc. And also cows are kept in very inhuman conditions in order to obtain milk. Therefore, it is better if you can eliminate dairy products too. The improvement in your physical and mental health will be the reward you get for being a vegan. For finding out more on how inhumane the farming practices are, there are many documentaries exposing the true nature of farming and how it affects the health of a human being. We suggest to refer them too.


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