Add variety to your vegan meal


Add variety to your vegan meal being a vegan can be a fun experience and a soothing lifestyle, if you are willing to make your diet full of fun, diverse, and nutrient-dense foods. Sometimes, you may feel that you are running out of options while you are eliminating animal products from your diet. But if you can give some thought and creativity to your meal, you’ll be surprised at the variety there can be in a vegan meal. Today, there are many plant-based substitutes that you can use instead of animal products which are way tastier and healthier. Being a vegan, you must also consider fulfilling your daily nutritional needs too.

            Fatty acids are a must in a well balanced diet. There are fatty acids that are produced in our body but omega 3 and omega 6 must be taken from outside. So if you are a vegan, there are many plant foods that you can take to fulfill it. Foods like corn, sunflower and sesame contain omega 6 and foods like walnuts, avocados, almonds, flax seed and olive oil contain omega 3. Food items that contain fatty acids like this have the capability in increasing your body’s healing, growth and maintenance. Actually, it is easier for you to make a nutritious and a well balanced meal with plant products rather than with animal products.

            Your bodies nutritional needs increase when you are pregnant. But you don’t have to make drastic changes to your diet if you are a vegan. All you have to do is some careful planning to ensure that your need for calories, vitamins and minerals are properly met. If you are facing morning sickness, you can try eating low fat, high carbohydrate and nutrient dense foods. It is also important to eat more often and if you find it difficult to consume solid food, you can drink fruit juice, plant based milk and water. You should also start eating plenty of protein in order to ensure your baby’s growth. Soy, beans and legumes are considered to be wonderful vegan sources in protein. You can fulfill your calcium needs by having foods like broccoli, tofu and dark green leafy vegetables. Iron is also a vital mineral during your pregnancy and beans, dark green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds are good sources of iron. It is normal to get more concerned about your meal when you are pregnant, but you don’t have to be scared that your vegan diet won’t be enough to fulfill your nutritional needs. For further information, you can get in touch with your doctor or a certified dietitian and get advice on how to maintain your vegan lifestyle during your pregnancy.

            If you are a nursing mother, you don’t have to do much change to your pregnant diet as the protein recommendations are pretty much the same. But it is better if you can take plant products with healthy fats and oils because they play an active role in every stage of your body’s healing, building and maintenance. If you can add variety and a concern towards the nutrition towards your vegan and well balanced diet, it will help you to recover from your post delivery stress and providing your new baby with the enough nutrients.

            You don’t have to provide your kid with animal products to fulfill their nutritional needs. Kids are natural vegans. But it is vital that you offer your kid with a wide variety of plant products to ensure that they have enough energy and nutrition to grow up strong, healthy and happy. Kids tend to like finger food and if you can be a little bit creative, you can think of other friendly options to offer your vegan kid. And if you have a little baby, the best food that your baby gets is breast milk. If you are a vegan mother, you don’t have to worry about your breast milk as plant based products provide you with enough nutrients. When your baby gets a little bit bigger you can feed the baby with cereals like oats, barley and corn. They must be made into flour and then cooked until soft and smooth before serving. When the baby get used to cereals, fruits, fruit juice and vegetables can also be introduced.

            It is a proven fact that vegans are healthier than people who eat meat. Vegans are less likely to be obese and have a lesser chance in getting dangerous chronic diseases. Therefore, it is obvious that a vegan diet contribute to better health. If you can add variety to your vegan diet, veganism can be a fun lifestyle.


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